Autodesk ReCap

The most widely used Reality Capture software in the world and my bread and butter for the last 4 years. My role as lead designer spans our desktop, web, and mobile applications.

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Autodesk 360

One of my early projects at Autodesk was being tasked with the interaction and visual design of the Autodesk 360 web viewer/landing page as well as the 360 app for Android & iOS.

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Wild Pockets

The tech startup that changed my life. We built many incredible things, but the flagship product was a web based game dev platform. Featuring an online editor and full social network with marketplace.

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The Buttons, they do Nothing!!!

My presentation at the Autodesk Tech Summit in 2012 focused around the company's new cloud offerings. In a company entrenched in desktop dev it's important to let your mind wander.

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Harkening back to my days of actually producing physical objects for a living; I was excited to get to work on a extremely clever card game designed by very talented Ian Volkwein. Snag a copy on Amazon!

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Humpty Dumpty App

A recent foray into the world of Android development has produced this modest first individual piece. I have done a fair bit of mobile design to date but this is the first time I've truly gotten my hands dirty.

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I was fortunate to be asked to help with the conceptual visual design work for a local Alpha Lab start-up by my co-worker Nick. MakerCraft aims to let consumers design and order jewelry through a handy iOS app.

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Baby Steps

What is this, an app for babies? Yes...that's exactly what it is. An educational android app for infants and toddlers. Being a father changes you! Get over it! Baby's need entertainment too!

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Designed in conjunction with the University of Miami Stormview is a dynamic hurricane scenario simulation designed to gauge users reaction to data types throughout the event of a storm.

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I am an artist and designer who likes to dabble in an assortment of digital and traditional media. I have worked in publishing, game development and currently for one of the world's largest creators of 3D design software. My expertise includes the following: